Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shower of Blessing or Blessing the Shower

Yesterday was a banner day!  I got to take a shower for the first time in  almost 3 weeks!  Since our bedroom and bathroom with a shower is upstairs I hadn't anticipated being able to 'hop' into the shower so soon.  But when geniuses put their heads together they come up with interesting ideas.  We thought that if I would scoot up the stairs backwards while Dave held on to my leg it might work...and it did.  I waited at the top of the stairs while he got 'Chuck' (the walker).  Getting into the the shower isn't a one-woman job.  I do have my trusty shower chair and the ledge of the tub is high enough for me to rest my leg.  Waiting for that first blast of water from the shower, I'm a sitting duck.  So far the first shower hasn't given me 3rd degree burns or turned me into an icicle!  Never, never, never underestimate the importance of a hot shower!  I feel human again!

Here I am sitting in my own bed!  We just got a new mattress and have a 3" memory foam topper.  It's awesome and the first time I lay down I knew I had really missed my mattress!  Last night I slept there and it was the best night's sleep I'd had in weeks....Can't wait until bedtime tonight!!!

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