Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cattle Crossing

Today is not a good day. I shouldn't be writing a blog today but nobody is reading it so I can hide in public. Why are there some days when I want to run away from home? I have no place to run and there's no guarantee that I'll feel better when I return so I usually don't get any further than Target. But at least that's something. People really are driving me nuts. We were in Best Buy today and I felt like I was at a circus. It really made me uncomfortable to be a bit of flotsam in a huge sea of creatures, just bobbing along. Nobody probably should be in there spending money anyway. I usually don't like being around a lot of people anyway so today it was worse than usual. It seems, too, like people don't know how to walk in parking lots. They seem to have a cattle mentality and just wander around not paying any attention to the cars that could run them over. I get so impatient and think stuff about the people that isn't correct, but I think them anyway.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Long Week

This morning I'm reflecting on the long week I've had, and it's still going on. Still two more days of whatever is out there. Things are going along great for the encouragement group. On Sunday I had some more people express interest and had a few more contacts during this week. That's really affirming that this is where God is leading us. There's a lot to do to get ready for the group but somehow I know it will all get done. We're designing it to be simple, but to do that you need to do a lot of planning. Doesn't make sense, but that's the way the world works, I guess.

This week involved going along with Matt (our 25 year old) to have his ribs x-rayed on Sunday (cracked from a soccer "knee-ing" incident while playing soccer). Tuesday was our morning support group at MBBS, lunch with my friend and Bible study in the evening. Oh yeah, it was also our 36th wedding anniversary. We often haven't celebrated for one reason or the other, but this year we're doing it big...going to Flemings Steak House with 2 other couples. Since that will happen Saturday, the Tuesday celbration wasn't as big.

Thinking about Matt and his injury, I think he's beginning to realize that his body isn't 16 years old anymore. It's a funny thing that happens when one becomes a twenty-somethinger. Stuff just isn't quite as easy to do as it once was. It's sad that the body starts to go so soon, but on the other hand we seem to learn a lot of other great stuff to make up for it. Getting our brains stabilized from adolescence is a huge plus. Not that we oldsters always make the best decisions, but at least we stop and think a little longer and take other's considerations into account. I love how my kids are growing and maturing and I really love that they still come to us for advice and as a sounding board. That's the good part of parenting.