Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm Being Followed!

Welcome to my blog, Kathryn! Yes, I have someone who is reading my blog. Eat your heart out all of you who don't even know I'm here! (That was really stupid because how can they even hear me cast aspersions upon them if they're not reading this??) Anyway, now I have a responsibility to my "public" so I will try to pontificate more often. I have read through all the previous postings and actually have been more consistent than I thought. It's kind of scary writing things that go into cyber-space because you never know where they end up. Maybe I'm being followed secretly by the KGB or CIA. I am half Russian, after-all. I hope I don't get in trouble by writing that. Actually, my dad was born in Russia and came to the US when he was 13. They were a peaceful Mennonite family who came here so they could freely express their religious views. If one of those agencies followed me, they would quickly get discouraged and give up because I'm not interesting enough to keep their interest. I'm a pacifist who pretty much minds my own business. I'm not very political although I do have political opinions. I'm neither a Dem or Rep. I rather loathe both sides because they hurl such hateful, spiteful insults at each other. I wish they would all remember their manners and leave their egos in their back pockets when they are deciding what is going to happen to our country. My dad, the Russian, would always tell us kids how lucky we were to be living in the best country in the world and to enjoy our freedom and the blessings that we have here. I think that's true even though I think some things are going horribly wrong. I'll just vote the way my conscious tells me to and do what I can to make this a better world.