Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where's My Voice???

It finally happened.  I've been struck dumb.  Not the stupid, idiotic kind of dumb or the kind that John's daddy, Zachariah, got when he heard his aged wife Elizabeth was to bear his child.  This must be the result of allergies or a virus.  I'm still not sure. It started as a little "tickle" like I swallowed a cricket and pretty soon I sounded like Demi Moore, then Isaac Hayes and now Helen Keller.  My husband is loving it.  He's not a huge talker so this gives him a big window of opportunity to have his peace and quiet.

This weekend we were guests at Lakeview Cottages at Huntington Lake.  We have several friends who are co-owners and have the privilege of spending time there on occasion. Since Dave is the "resident artist" we have an "in". He drew a design that they're using on shirts and mugs. It is so peaceful and relaxing at 7,000+ feet. The air was so clear that the sky looked blue instead of grey.  The water of the lake was clear and cold.  We also got to have a nice visit with our son, Matt, and hear from his employers/co-workers/friends how wonderful he is.  I love to hear people telling me what a good job he's doing!  We think he's amazing, but how great it is that other people think so, too!

So, back to being dumb.  I was having my quiet time with God this morning and, as usual, I spent some time listening.  This is the hard part for me--I tend to talk 'over' God rather than listen to Him.  Anyway, the message I got was that He, like Dave, likes it when I can't talk as much as usual.  (I guess He's referring to when I talk to myself all day...please don't tell anyone).  I have to say I like it, too.  You really do hear more, from God and other folks, when you "Shut your cake-hole, Mary-Ann!"(that's a quote from Scrubs, for what it's worth)  There is a point when I'm ready to open my mouth that I have to remind myself that nothing is going to come out.   I feel almost light-headed with the freedom NOT to speak.  Maybe only a blabber-mouth like me can understand this.  Maybe I'll get more writing done this way.  I can shut my mouth but won't silence my fingers!