Monday, September 12, 2011


I walked with a walker once in the hospital and then was discharged to my home.  I was very anxious to get back home but I knew I needed help.  I needed help last Monday as I lay on my back patio with the worst pain ever and I sensed we needed help now.  Maybe not the kind of HELP! the Beatles were calling for in their famous song (What was their problem anyway?) but I knew we could not do this alone. My room had been prepared and, while I knew that my entourage of medical staff wouldn't be there, I wanted to get home and make the transition and get settled.  My husband is a rock.  He's the most patient, kind man I know.  Seven years ago he was my primary caregiver and it worked out well.  We had weeks to plan how we would handle my home care.  This time we're seven years older and this came completely out of the blue.  We had no warning--no plans A, B or C.  Our first evening/night at home were stressful.  The boys had brought one of our "hospital" beds ( part of an electric bed-set that my in-laws had once used, now our guest room beds) downstairs to our family room and all of my other supplies were kind of strewn about as Dave was trying to organize my "space".  There's plenty of room, lots of couches/chairs and I'm in the hub of the house so I can be part of whatever goes on.  Dave slept upstairs and I called him on his cell when I was ready to use the bedside commode.  He finally just slept on the couch beside me.  Interrupted sleep isn't very restful!  Anyway, by the second morning or so Dave looked completely exhausted as he provided my breakfast, did laundry and dishes before work and the light went on--we needed help.  Immediately I got out a pad and pencil and we made a list of things we needed help for.  I made a few phone calls and Voila! help arrived.  I have often been heard to say a line I heard on Seinfeld: "People.  They're the worst!"  I'm going to amend that to: "People. They're the best!"  Here's a picture of Deb W.--my own personal hair stylist and neighbor extraordinaire.  She and her husband are the ones who rescued me!!

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