Monday, September 12, 2011

The Chopper Room

It's been a week now, but feels like yesterday and a decade ago at the same time.  I'll continue my account of the events of last MondayBy the time all the tests had been done, and meds given I had calmed down quite a bit.  I had complete trust in my caregivers.  They were gentle and very concerned about me.  I couldn't eat or drink and was getting tired and a little hungry, but that didn't matter.  I was safe and in very capable hands.  Howard and Debbie had left whey my family showed up.  Mike and Kendra, his girlfriend went for food.  My husband, who did NOT kill me, was his usual comforting self.  It made me feel good just knowing he was there.  He had called some of my family members and friends which got the prayer chains working.  I felt prayers that I didn't even know they were being sent.  

My prior experience with Fresno Community Hospital had not been good.  Seven years ago I had back surgery with complications that resulted in three surgeries in 6 weeks.  Without going into detail, I received poor care by nursing staff and vowed never again to darken their doors.  HA!  But, at this early date I was already sensing a huge change in the tone of the place.  Good service, caring caregivers, feeling safe--it was a pleasant surprise.  Most of the time I was in a morphine cloud, but I remember enough to know I was at the complete mercy of my caregivers.  I'm so thankful that God, as the one who heals all, was watching over the whole lot of us!

When I was admitted to my room I was delivered to a quiet, out of the way single room (all privates there).  On a previous admission I was in a room on the same floor that was next to a train track and it would blow it's whistle every 30-45 minutes as it rumbled by all night.  I was sure not to be put in that room BUT my new room was next to the helipad!  Oh Great!!  At bedtime the nurse brought me a set of ear plugs.  I certainly could have used them 7 years ago!  As it turned out, however, the "choppers" which came in 3-4 times that first night didn't bother me at all...without the ear plugs.  Each time I heard it I prayed for the patients they were bringing in who were surely in more pain than I was.

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