Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Can't Believe I'm Quilting

Who knew at the beginning of this summer that I'd become one of "them"? I have heretofore been a very minor member of a big quilting posse. Out of self-defense, I decided that I had to quilt or get off my horse. I was afraid I'd be left behind at the OK Corral in a pile of material scraps. So (sew) I jumped in. I mentioned my "minor" status. That came about when, with the expert and patient help of Susan and Maggie, I made a few blocks for various quilts we made for our friends who needed to be 'covered' in prayer. So, this summer I decided to "go commando" and try it myself. This little nine block wall hanging/table top/shoulder warmer (I'll explain that in a minute) is what I produced. I loved doing it, especially the hand quilting. So, I'm hooked (or needled). The reason it is also a shoulder warmer is that this weekend we went to the Second Space Theater with some friends to see "Lost in Yonkers" (which was superb!) and it was freezing in there. I had taken my quilt projects along to show our friends so Dave ended up draped in this, plus a piece from my latest attempt. We were sitting right in the front row, practically on the set and decided that it was a sign of getting older that we didn't care what we looked like as long as we were comfortable. Too bad I didn't get a picture. He did look adorable.

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