Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cattle Crossing

Today is not a good day. I shouldn't be writing a blog today but nobody is reading it so I can hide in public. Why are there some days when I want to run away from home? I have no place to run and there's no guarantee that I'll feel better when I return so I usually don't get any further than Target. But at least that's something. People really are driving me nuts. We were in Best Buy today and I felt like I was at a circus. It really made me uncomfortable to be a bit of flotsam in a huge sea of creatures, just bobbing along. Nobody probably should be in there spending money anyway. I usually don't like being around a lot of people anyway so today it was worse than usual. It seems, too, like people don't know how to walk in parking lots. They seem to have a cattle mentality and just wander around not paying any attention to the cars that could run them over. I get so impatient and think stuff about the people that isn't correct, but I think them anyway.

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