Thursday, September 10, 2009


I wonder what would happen if we had no friends? I really think we would begin to invent imaginary friends because without someone else, outside of the marriage, to bounce things off of, learn from, support and be supported, how could we manage to get through life? We have some wonderful friends like these people, the George's on the left, and the Harper's on the right, whom we have known for 20 years. The words "for better for worse, etc. etc." apply to friendship as much as marriage. Our kids are the same ages, our marriages are about the same age, we are about the same age, we share similar faith and value system, we like to be together and have laughed and cried together over the years. We've also tag-team parented and watched our rascally little ones grow up into rascally bigger ones and then responsible adults. I look at these pictures and my heart is full. I love these people and they are a permanent part of our lives now. I don't think we could even divorce them if we wanted to. (Can you divorce friends?) Knowing there is someone you can call if you need them is worth so much. Even if I never had to call them, I would know they were there for me. But, I have had to call them and have been called by them and we do whatever we can for each other, no questions asked. That's worth more money than I'll ever see in this lifetime or the next.

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  1. Friends are one of the most important things in life! I'm glad that I know you and that you are my friend!