Tuesday, October 18, 2011

House Elves & House Demons

Remember "Dobby", Harry Potter's House Elf?  Cute little guy and pretty rascally most of the time. BUT---a more loving and loyal friend would be hard to find in the world of Muggles OR Wizards. 

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!  I  have found not one Dobby, but a whole bunch of Dobbys.  They are everywhere!  Coming out of the woodwork and arriving at my doorstep! Their names are Susan, Jessica, Lois, Mary Ellen, Debbie, Maggie, "Church Ladies" and many others--please forgive me if I omitted your name. These House Elves come into my home and happily clean our kitchen, wash, dry, fold and put away our laundry, bring food, make me lunch, change the sheets on our bed, empty trash, play with our dogs and...well, you get the picture.  They are really part House Elf and part Angel.  I am so blessed that sometimes I can't believe it.  To have so many friends who are so concerned about me is a priceless gift--so priceless, in fact that I couldn't buy them, even with a MasterCard.  In fact, they don't even take MasterCard!  They do all this for free.

The problem is that their work often gets sabotaged by House Demons.  Let me show you what I mean:

My kitchen after a House Elf visit :-)
                          My kitchen the very next day:-[                              

My laundry room after House Elf visit! :-)
Laundry appears the very next day! :-[

Where does it all come from 
the very next day???


Empty trash can thanks to a House Elf

The only way to set a House Elf free is to give them a piece of clothing.  I'm not ready to give my "Dobbys" their socks just yet!!  I LOVE my House Elves!!!!

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