Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies.....

I'm back into life!  Yea!  This past month has been one of the busiest I have had in many years.  After over seven years of being sick and tired and sick again and always tired, I think I'm coming back to life.  Some of my friends may not even recognize me.  I'm still sick and tired BUT I think I can live my life with more meaning now.  What I have learned over the past years is that I have a wonderful, amazing husband and the best kids ever.  They have been the focus of all my energy (what little I had).  I had to make a choice: focus on them or focus on something else and ignore them.  I obviously chose wisely.  I've been pretty much hunkered down in my house with occasional bursts of activity and energy.  I liked it here.  My house is safe and cozy and comfortable and it was a good place to be.  My friends did their best to help me "socialize" but there were so many days that I just couldn't put one foot ahead of the other to do it.  I have gotten to know my hubby and kids all over again and I can say that even though the kids are grown (26, 25 and 21) they still like to be with mom and dad and we like to be with them!  I've loved the times we've done things together and look forward to so many more.  With one son married and the other dating I have also enjoyed getting to know the women in their lives.  Not surprisingly, they have both chosen wonderful mates.  My daughter and I have a relationship that is unsurpassed IMHO (In My Humble Opinion).  She's the best!  Dave has shown me over and over what unconditional love is.  AND, this all happened when I had days when it hurt to move my eyebrows!  I am blessed beyond belief.  God has kept me by him even when I wanted nothing to do with him.  My faith has been shaken, beaten and stirred during this time, but when I popped up for air a few weeks ago, he was right there cheering me on.  How could I ever ask for more?

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