Thursday, June 4, 2009


One of the things on my mind today is how people treat each other when they're anonymous.  Driving in the car it's easy to yell at someone who cuts you off or doesn't use their blinker. I sometimes wonder, though what I would tell them if I saw them face to face.  Most likely I'd say something like, "That's OK.  I've done that, too."  So why don't we treat each other like we are always face to face?  Yesterday I was at the grocery store and I parked, as usual, in a handicapped parking place.  I'm legit--several back surgeries, nerve damage, impaired balance, weak foot--but feel self-conscious and "old" when I take advantage of the "privilege" of parking in the coveted spots.  When I returned to my car someone had left me a note questioning my need to use the handicapped place.  I guess I wasn't handicapped enough to suit this person.  I threw away the note and tried to forget it, but it hurt and embarrassed me.  I wonder what she would have said to my face?  What would I have said to her?  I'm going to practice using my "face to face" mindset even when I'm anonymous.  You never know what a snap judgment about someone will do to someone's feelings.

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