Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sole Support for Parkinson's Walk September 28, 2013 Portland, Oregon

 A friend of mine told me tonight that she has been waiting for my posting about the Sole Support for Parkinson's walk Em and I participated in last month.   I realized that it's been several weeks since that walk and I haven't mentioned it.  So, Janie, here it is!   

It humbled me when several friends from our Assurance Illness Support Group contributed money to this worthy effort.    Emilie, Dave and I want to personally thank you for caring enough to be on our team!!  We also wish to thank the other walkers on our team who braved the rain and wind that day.  We had a total of six adults, two adorable children and one dog who walked all or part of the distance.  I hope that this will become an annual event for our team!  I have already volunteered to be "Team Mom" for next year and will provide signs, snacks and other fun stuff on the day of the walk in 2014.  Doesn't that make you all want to join us??

Here we are in the car on the way to Portland--about an hour from Em's house in McMinnville.  Of course, Alice was a member of our team but she needed a nap before the big 5K walk.  She has to be the best traveling dog I have ever met.  The minute the car backs out of the driveway, she gets this mesmerized, dreamy look in her eyes and she is soon in la la land.  By the way, it may not look like it from this view, but it is POURING rain--er, cats and dogs--outside.  But, this is Oregon and the show must go on!

There was a slight let-up in the rain when we first arrived at the park, but the skies opened up once again as we started our trek. Since the unexpected rain was, well, rainy, the turnout wasn't exactly what was expected (close to 1,000 at this site alone) but there were hundreds of people there.  Everyone was smiling and having fun.  The rain can't keep us down!  Along the way there were encouraging signs and even real cheerleaders to keep our spirits up.  It was interesting to see the different people who were taking part in the walk.  There were families with young children, larger groups than ours of various ages, some people who had PD--walking on their own,  with canes and or in wheelchairs.  My heart went out to them, especially with the weather so bad as they gave back to the organization and its supporters who were there to help them.  The PD community in Oregon is strong and they are doing some amazing things with research, education and support.  I was proud to be part of this. 

Emily, Alice, Emilie, Kate and Richie
Our team was called "Pharmacists Fighting Parkinson's" so it's only fitting that we had 3 brand, spanking new pharmacists on our team!   The three chicks on the left are the pharmacists--not including Alice.  Just being part of this walk was a great experience.  My eyes filled with tears as I saw everyone participating because I felt grateful to all these people who care enough to show support.  Dave's and my personal journey with PD is just starting and it's so good to know we aren't alone.  Being a small part of something this big is amazing.  Emilie is getting involved with the local chapter in her community of McMinnville, Oregon as a professional pharmacist and the daughter of someone with PD. 

Emilie, Alice, Deb and Emily made it in one piece.  The rain didn't bother us a bit!  
We talked the whole time--what rain?!

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