Friday, January 13, 2012

It All Comes Down to Kicks and Giggles

I'm thankful for laughter, 
except when milk comes out of my nose~Woody Allen

Abbey wasn't really into modeling Alice's Christmas dress.  

"It's itchy". she complained, "and you guys know that I like soft and cuddly 

stuff.  I'm so misunderstood around here.  Why doesn't anyone consider 

MY  needs?"  With that Abbey stomped of to her crate.

When Eddie heard all the ruckus he immediately ran over to see what 

was going on.  His little spirit was crushed.His self-esteem took a huge hit.  

Mommy held a pretty shiny thing with a white bow and Eddie smelled trouble!  Before he knew what

had happened, the red monstrosity was placed on HIM!  Eddie was not pleased.  This was the

most humiliating thing that ever happened!

"Aw, come on!" he managed to squeak out,"I'm a guy for Pete's Sake!

Whose 'great' idea was this? Get this stupid thing off of me at once or I'll

rip it off myself!"   Mommy and Emilie were laughing so hard that they

could barely do the job, but finally Eddie was in the buff again. With

his tail tucked between his legs he slunk back into his crate and cowered

in the back corner.  Maybe it wasn't the nicest thing to do to them but we did get some adorable pics!

 And VOILA! That's when it hit me.

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