Monday, June 21, 2010

Travel Weary

This is turning out to be quite a summer.  Comparing it to how my life was only a year ago, I think I "gotta life".  Didn't take too long, did it?  Here's a list of significant events so far in 2010:
* Many doctor appointments and diagnoses; Dave: atrial fibrillation, Parkinson's, cataracts.  Deb: followup for back, pain, yearly exams, etc.  Dental work--ouch!
* Feb.11: To Davis to attend class with Emilie (Micro and Anatomy Lab (cadavers and   all!)
* Feb 12-15: Long weekend in Monterey with the family.
* March 1:  Dave's cataract surgery.
* March 21: Fly to Portland, OR with Emilie to look for an apartment.
* March 23:  David Michael turns 27.
* March 25: Side trip up to Forks, WA to look for vampires
* March 28:  Home just in time to say goodbye to good friend Sue.
* March 29: Lost Sue--still miss her like it happened yesterday.
* April 2:  Sue's memorial service--see you in Heaven, Friend.  I love you.
* May 20-23: Idaho for Jessica's wedding with Emilie.
* May 24-30: Stay in Davis to help Emilie with Bridal Shower for Meg.
*June 8:  Matthew Wayne turns 26.
*June 10-12: Back to Davis with the Friesen Five for Emilie's graduation: BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  No, we're not proud at all!!  ha
* June 13: Jessica and Luke's reception in Fresno.

* June 18-20: Shaver Lake cabin with Assurance Group.
* July 10: Meg's wedding in Sonora.
*July 17-24: To NC to visit Anne, Geoff, Grace, Caroline and Kate, and my sisters Carolyn  from Indiana and Nancy from France.
* July 31: SF with church group to see Giants game.
* July 31-Aug 2 (?):Davis to help Emilie pack for OR.  See Emilie off to OR and Pharmacy school--13 HOURS AWAY FROM FRESNO =(
*Aug 6-8: Pismo to celebrate 37th wedding anniversary.
*Aug. 22:  57th birthday
*Aug. 23-Dec. 31: TO BE DETERMINED.

So, if I ever complain again about not having a life, slap me!  And, be careful what you pray for.  God just may give it to you!

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  1. Did you really find vampires?
    I think you are too busy, my friend!
    I miss seeing you at church!