Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day #5: Fargo, N Dakota to Freedom, Wisconsin

Sunday October 26, 14
Day #5
Leaving Fargo, ND
Fargo Sunrise

1,628 miles driven so far
8:00 am

This morning we had a good breakfast at the hotel.  Emilie got a free one because she’s a Best Western Rewards person.  Whoo-hoo! I’m traveling with a celebrity!! There were a couple incidents that I must include in this travelogue.  This “just happened” to be Comic Con in Fargo.  That meant we saw a different crowd than we usually run around with. We feared they would be partying all night to keep us up.  Fortunately our room was completely quiet and we didn’t hear a peep.  However, our neighbor did.  This is how we found out they were rowdy until at least 3 am: Emilie was taking our stuff down to the car and a man apparently thought she was part of the Comic Cons.  He mentioned that they kept him up until 3 am.  Em made it clear the she wasn't one of the offending parties.  Too bad I wasn’t with her at that moment.  He would never have thought we were the offending party then.  Ha. 

The second incident involved Alice.  Em was taking her outside and was getting something from the car.  A guy walked by when Alice did her ugly dance barking furiously like she wanted a piece of him.  Too bad he didn't know that Alice is all show and no go.  He started kicking her away…and a car was approaching.  Em finally got Alice calmed down but Emilie was hot under the collar about the guy.  She does not like anyone being cross with Alice, but also knows how vicious Alice can sound.  Anyway, that’s all water under the bridge (May be icy).

The most exciting thing about this morning is that I figured how to pair my GoPro camera with my iPhone so I can use the phone like a monitor.  Pretty cool.  We took a few videos of the sunrise.  Not too bad I must say. (Remember Ed Grimley as done by Martin Short?  He used to say “I must say” in a really squirrely, dorky way.  Just sayin’)

9:30 am Pit stop in Alexandria, Minnesota.  We came into the state of Minnesota very unceremoniously.  We had gone about 50 miles when we realized we had crossed the state line many miles ago.  It’s cold here and windy.  Trees have almost all lost their leaves already.

I should mention how we’re passing the time on all these long, lonely interstate roads.  Well, Emilie is doing most of the driving. I offer but she says, “I’m OK, Mom.”  I have a “fun box” on the floor by my feet.  Sometimes it’s below my feet.  Our tats are still healing and it seems like I’m always bumping something with that part of my leg.  It’s been over a week since we were tatted up.  Anyway, back to the fun box. I have all the GoPro stuff and both cameras in there. Also the book I’m reading and one I finished and 2 that I have yet to read.  So, I read.  Em’s laptop also goes in there. All of our notes, schedules, reservations, our atlas, etc are in various folders. I’m never able to sleep in the car so I periodically lean my head back and pretend to sleep.  For our listening pleasure we have many options.  On Em’s account we have “The Book Thief”; all 13 hours, 56 minutes of it.  We’re about half done.  When we get bored with that, there’s a “Twilight” CD that seems to always be in Henry’s CD player.  Right now we’re listening to the soundtrack from “Frozen” which Emilie loves, a few songs in particular.  Something about “letting it go”—it represents her new phase of her life.  I’m glad she is taking this chance by breaking out of her mold but the closer we get to NC the closer I get to having to leave her there and I don’t like that.  So I guess I have some “letting go” to do on my own.  It’s good we’re driving instead of flying; it gives us both time to process.

On top of all this, I’m also researching each state we drive through.  I think I’ll make a blog just for those.  We’ve learned a lot about this part of the US.  We also have the average amount of precipitation annually for each state ranked from 1 to 50.  I’ll put that up soon, too.  We are just a fountain of knowledge.  Stay tuned…

12:30 Wisconsin Stopped for lunch at Noodles & Co.  Did I mention Alice today?  Thought I better add that at every pit stop we offer her water and take her on a walk.  Today it’s sunny and 59 degrees Hudson, Wisconsin, don’t ya know?

2:10 Stopped for gas, pit stop and Alice.

3:16 2,000 MILES DRIVEN!!

Arrived Freedom, Wisconsin at  5:42 pm.  Miles traveled so far: 2,155.
Stayed at the home of Andy, Kayla and Emma Brisson.  It was great to have a hot, home cooked meal!  And the huge pieces of apple pie didn’t hurt, either!  Slept well and got started the next morning at 10 am.

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