Friday, September 14, 2012

A Fond Farewell

 Yesterday and today we hung around Toulouse.  A couple of exciting stops for Carolyn and me were a local quilt shop and two fabric stores.  The first fabric store was high end with prices from about 40 Euros/meter and up to over 130 Euros/meter. They were quite beautiful.  The second fabric shop was way down on the high fashion list (right) called "Toto Tissus"  Tissu means "Fabric".  The store pictured on the left is a quilt shop which was an exciting stop for Carolyn and me.  The owner was a lovely woman who spoke English and Quiltish.  A quilter is a quilter in the US or France.  We each bought a bundle of fat quarters to make some kind of rememberance of our trip.  It looked like any quilt store I've ever been in which made us both feel at home.                                                       

Last night we had a light supper at Nancy's.  Her apartment is quite comfortable and we needed a rest.  A relaxing evening eating under the stars with a cool breeze was just what we needed.  We decided that the trip had been a very good thing even though we're pretty tired! I will surely miss these down times when we just sit and chat.  The running around to restaurants and shops is lots of fun but this is where we connect.  Our favorite thing has been to reminisce about the good things of our childhoods.  We're recalled various houses we have lived in, how we all slept in the same bedroom for a few years, our grandmother's house and her superb cooking, going to visit aunts and uncles and just the everyday happenings in a home with six people.  Our collective memories filled in for each other what we had forgotten. 

Today we slept in until 10 am.  Had a few errands to finish up but our noon meal was going to consist heavily of desserts.  We hadn't gone to a bakery yet and picked out exactly what we wanted.     After this we went back to the Pastel store and bought Nancy a pair of earrings as a hostess gift.  Tres jolie!  I had to buy a small suitcase on wheels because I had discovered on my way here that my laptop is very heavy.  I couldn't imagine toting that back across the ocean so I got a neat little rolling bag.  Then we had tea at a design shop where the proprieter designs and custom makes beautirul clotheing  She was very nice and served tea upstairs.  The picture below to the right was taken from our table.  Looks out to a river with a typical European bridge. 


Standing on the bank of the river.  There's a grassy area below where people often picnic and just  relax.

Looking towards the hospital museum.  We didn't get a chance to see it so I'll have to come back to do that.  Actually it's impossible to see everything but hitting the highlights can be a lot of fun.
As we say our final Au revoir to Toulouse I show a picture of the front of our apartment building.  It is Residence Franklin Roosevlet or as we affectionately call it, "The Frank".  It has served us well these days and nights and contributed to a very comfortable stay.  Close to the Metro and everything else it was all quite convenient.  Hats off to sister Nancy for choosing wisely.  We have now made this city "our woman" as Emilie and I would say.  I think I could pick up more of the language and someday be fluent if I could just stay here a few more weeks/months/years!  Alas, our men call us home.  Actually that's a good thing.  It's time to get back to our regular lives and tend to the everyday tasks of living.  It will be so good to be back with Dave and be in closer communication with our children (and of course Abbey and Eddie our 4-legged children).  So until next time!
Au Revoir, Toulouse!

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